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Independent investment advice since 2001

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My focus is long-term investing.
Helping you be and stay a confident investor.

Why? So you reap the rewards of growth on growth.
Without taking undue risks. Curious?

It’s possible. You can be and stay a winner.
Allow me to show you how.

You are eager to invest because you:

  • want to boost your retirement investment
  • changed or are changing jobs and want to re-invest your provident or pension fund monies
  • received an inheritance
  • sold your business
  • recently divorced or are divorcing and want to invest your settlement monies
  • have cash in a bank account which you want to invest.

WHY and HOW I help:

People fascinate me. Investor behaviour too.
While investing is a story about numbers, people have a number of stories too.
It starts with you, your unique story. Not with numbers, analyses or products.
I’ll respect you. No judgment.
I use an easy way to know you better.

Why am I doing it this way?

  • You are at the centre. It engages and keeps you involved.
  • You and I shall understand your financial self and financial risk.
  • I found it enhances communications and matching of advice.
  • Helps me to help you make wise investment decisions.

My fees:
I am flexible towards fees and prefer to co-create fees with my clients.

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I’m independent and sole owner of my business since 2001.
And is a representative of Accredinet Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd.
An authorised financial services provider FSP8933.

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