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From the beginning, our emphasis was on family vision care, and it started 63 years ago in Central Pretoria!
The Heath and Wentzel story began back in 1957. Yes, 63 years ago! William (Bill) Heath opened a practice in Central Pretoria. A vibrant and successful practice developed. In 1979 his son Colin joined the practice, and in 1980 established a branch at Glenfair Lynnwood Manor. From January 1986, Colin moved full-time to Glenfair. From the beginning, the emphasis was on family vision care, and by working with the Optometric extension program in the USA, they introduced behavioural vision as standard practice. In 1994 Marthi Wentzel joined Colin to expand the Child Vision care emphasis of the practice.

Excellence in family vision care Pretoria

We are focused on your well-being and giving you the best vision care possible. In our profession, there have been many tests introduced over the last decades. These tests may accurately investigate problems and anomalies and then correct/for specific seeing conditions.

Full scope optometric services

Every patient is unique, and vision requirements are becoming more specific. Just checking if a person can read a small line of letters on a chart and putting lenses up in front of each eye till the letters are clearest is not a comprehensive visual examination!

Our staff and optometrists are available and happy to answer your every question. We’d love to help you get all the information you need to make the best choice.

    1. Spectacle Adjustments: Provided is a huge spectrum of services, including hand-picked designer frames and glasses. MORE INFO
    2. Eye Examinations: We stick to a complete ocular examination process with every patient, every time. MORE INFO
    3. Hybrid Contact Lens Fittings: Effective and immediate assistance with getting the perfect pair of high-quality eye lenses. MORE INFO

Our Branches

Contact any of our Pretoria branches for all your family vision care today!


406 Friesland Lane, Lynnwood,
Pretoria, 0081
Phone – 012 348 1177
Email – info@hwoptom.co.za


Intercare Medical Centre, Glenfair Boulevard, Lynnwood Manour, 0081
Phone – 012 348 1177
Email – info@hwoptom.co.za


Hazeldean Square, 3 Silverlakes Road, Silver Lakes, Pretoria, 0007
Phone – 012 809 6100
Email – info@hwoptom.co.za

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