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Optimal Resolution has partnered with professional training and e-learning company Alignor to offer world-class negotiation training. Alignor is a professional training and e-learning company that utilises the interest-based approach to negotiation, sales, collaboration, influencing, leadership development, and conflict resolution. Alignor has developed a streamlined, effective process and tools for managing key negotiations, handling business challenges, developing high-performance leaders and managers, and resolving high-stakes disputes. Our mediation services, as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism, assist businesses and individuals to have crucial conversations with customers, suppliers, and employees to resolve conflict. We provide a structured approach in a safe manner, identify the interests of the disputing parties, and then identify options for agreement. Using the skills set above we can assist you in managing your key contracts, resolving disputes, or re-negotiate key clauses.


Optimal Resolution with our partner Alignor provides world-class customised training that improves individual participants’ skills in negotiating, relationship building, and decision-making. Alignor’s customised training is uniquely valuable in several ways:


Our training offerings are tailored to the unique needs of each organisation. Using its custom design methodology, Alignor works closely with its clients to design a curriculum, exercises, and case studies to address the specific needs and challenges confronted by the participants. Alignor’s customised training allows participants to apply an interest-based approach to actual negotiations or business challenges they currently face.

Training options

Our offering is flexible to suit your business needs and includes a unique offering of online learning games, face-to-face training or a combination of both. The online learning and videos, include up to 19 hours of training which are broken down into 10-minute sessions to play when it suits you. Through data analytics, we can provide you with key statistics on how the games were played and identify further areas of development. The advanced training would take participants through a detailed process in preparing for negotiations using the interest-based methodology.


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a mechanism to resolve disputes through a process other than litigation. This could include arbitration, mediation, or negotiation. We provide mediation services with the objective to satisfy the interests of the parties involved in the conflict. During the mediation process, the mediator as an independent party will facilitate a process to identify the interests of the different parties and brainstorm options to satisfy the underlying interests. The mediator does not make any decisions and all engagements between the parties are confidential. The mediation process is a more cost-effective process vs formal litigation through the courts and disputes can be resolved quickly as the different parties will be in control of the process.


Contract leakage can reduce revenue by as much as 9% (Association of Contract and Commercial Management). We assist businesses through a structured approach to measure contract profitability, identify contract leakage and re-negotiate terms to ensure the profitability of contracts.


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