Sr Vasti baby & eye clinic

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3 Miervreter Street, Van Riebeeck Park, Kemptonpark , 1619, South Africa
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At Sr Vasti Baby & Eye Clinic we are all about babies.  Our services include a Healthy Baby Clinic, Eye Screening Clinic and a Family Planning Clinic.  Our “Healthy Baby Clinic” monitors the growth and weight of your baby and we do development assessments as well as cost-effective vaccinations.  We also give Mommy general advice and guidance. Get up to date information and cost-effective contraceptives at our “Family Planning Clinic” and our “Eye Screening Clinic” has been specially adapted for babies.  All our services are offered with lots of love and care.

At Sr Vasti Baby & Eye Clinic we pride ourselves in the holistic assessment of your baby. During a consultation, a full assessment will be conducted on your baby to make sure no impairment is missed.  We look out for lip or tongue tie, cranial stenosis and tight foreskin.

PLUSOPTIX now available!

We work in conjunction with a multi-disciplinary team with excellent credentials on a referral basis when required.  Our PLUSOPTIX device is a world-renowned tool developed in Germany to screen the baby’s eyes.  These tests can be conducted on babies from the age of five months. It provides us with a pass or refer result. The report will also offer more information if a defect is detected for example astigmatism or myopia.  We pride ourselves in screening during these consultations and will refer you if any red flags are raised.

Family Planning and Contraceptives are provided in a cost-effective way.

Your most precious gift is safe in our hands, call us today and book your appointment!

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