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We formulate and sell a range of natural supplements for animals – for allergies, calming, general health, joints and ticks and fleas. Our products aim to be as effective as veterinary medicines but far safer. Also, we offer a money back guarantee – if you feel the product hasn’t helped your pet, we pay you back in full. Available from some Pick n Pays, some vet and pet shops, Pet Shop Science stores, Cat Box Hyper stores and online from

We offer the following products:

  • Allergy Formula and Allergy Care chews: these products contain ingredients that are natural immune modulators – they stop allergic reactions.
  • Joint Formula and Joint Care chews: these products help to keep your pet’s joints healthy and pain free, naturally.
  • Collagen gravy: also looks after your pet’s joints, but especially in overweight dogs as it helps them feel fuller sooner.
  • Serenity Formula and Calming chews: gently calms pets who are anxious, aggressive or overactive.
  • Natural Tick and Flea spray and chews: chemical sprays and chews can be dangerous for your dog. These products are safe and gentle, but still work.
  • Everypet Formula: attempts to fill the most common gaps in modern pet diets.
  • Omega 3 Formula: a clean source of Omega 3 oils.
  • Conditioning chews: a multivitamin.
  • Natural shampoo: a completely natural shampoo.
  • Tearstain Formula: helps to get rid of the ugly brown stains under your pet’s eyes.


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