Eco-Vet homeopathic pet-friendly medicines

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Eco-Vet supply homeopathic pet-friendly medicines

Eco-Vet supply homeopathic pet-friendly medicines to vets and pet owners who need an alternative medicine for their animals. Eco-Vet medicines have been on the market for over 20 years, with many testimonials that support the benefits of homeopathic treatments for dogs, cats and horses. These products are simple to use, easy to understand and administer, and effective in dealing with situations that may have been failed by conventional treatments. All Eco-Vet products are registered with the Department of Agriculture in terms of Act no. 36/1

Eco-Vet’s approach to natural remedies is that there are no toxins in our medications, which means no harmful side effects. Our products treat a very wide variety of animal conditions – be they physical or temperamental – from allergies and immune function, minor injuries and nutrition, to fear response, digestion and advanced conditions like epilepsy, liver and blood-related problems. We have general medicine like Eco-Allergy, Eco-Geriat, Eco-Heal and Eco-Immune. A nutritional supplement, called Colostrum, for cats and dogs to fight ageing, infections and allergies. Medicine to treat skin conditions like Eco-Circ, Eco-Eczema, Eco-Hair and Eco-Scratch. Eco-Fear and Eco-Travel for the nervous system of the animal. Medicines for the digestive system like Eco-Bladder, Eco-Colic, Eco-Diarrho, Eco-Lax, Eco-Neph and Eco-Ulcer. We also have medicine for the respiration system: Eco-Cough, Eco-Lungs and Eco-Snuff. We have Eco-Arth, Eco-Bone, Eco-Joint and Eco-Teeth for the skeletal system of animals. Finally, we can assist with advanced conditions with the following medicines: Eco-Anaemia, Eco-Ears, Eco-Epilep, Eco-Eyes, Eco-Fem, Eco-Heart, Eco-Lame and Eco-Liver.

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