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In a world where sportswear brands are aplenty, Mk Oziel Sportwear stands out as a truly unique and inspiring brand. Woman-owned and operated, this sportswear company was born out of a tragic loss due to high blood pressure. However, instead of succumbing to despair, the founders of Mk Oziel Sportwear vowed to honour their loved one’s legacy by promoting a healthy lifestyle in a holistic manner. Through their dedication, they have created a brand that not only offers high quality, comfortable and versatile apparel but also serves as a beacon of hope and purpose. Mk Oziel Sportwear serves the community by promoting a healthy life style, sharing holistic spiritual, physical, Emotional & Mental health tips regularly and hosting wellness sessions. Mk Oziel Sportwear is a South African brand aiming to be an international sportswear brand that South Africans will be proud of.  Mk Oziel Sportwear believes that God knows the end from the beginning and the loss of a loved one will help and give hope to someone out there.

Mk Oziel Sportswear understands the importance of an active lifestyle and aims to provide apparel that supports this way of living. Their range of products is not limited to gym wear but extends to versatile lifestyle wear that seamlessly fits into various settings. From workout sessions to casual outings, their apparel is designed to cater to your every need.

One of the key aspects that sets Mk Oziel Sportwear apart is its commitment to offering good quality products at an affordable price. By investing in durable and comfortable materials, this brand ensures that their customers save money in the long run by avoiding repetitive purchases. In a world where quality often comes at a high price, Mk Oziel Sportwear breaks the mold, making their apparel accessible to everyone.

Our Products are centered around family, we cater for men, women and kids.
We offer the following:

Golf dresses
Golf two pieces
Sport bags

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